Gasab Secretariat

The Secretariat of GASAB is headed by ADAI/GASAB. It is constituted by officers of premier accounts and finance streams belonging to the Civil Services .They are from:

1. Indian Audit and Accounts Service(IA&AS)
2. Indian Civil Accounts Service(ICAS)
3. Indian Defence Accounts Service(IDAS)
4. Indian Post and Telecom Accounts Service(IP&TAFS)
5. Indian Railway Accounts Service(IRAS)

Shri R.M. Johri

Presently the following officers are posted in the GASAB Secretariat :

Shri Dinesh Bhargav, IAAS
(Director General/GASAB-II)
Ms. Prerna Sood
(Director General/GASAB-III)
Ms. Vandana Gupta
Principal Director (GASAB-I)